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Buying a home is a big decision; one you only make ones or a few times per lifetime. However, the real estate market is constantly changing. The process today is vastly different to a few years ago; when you perhaps bought your first home or when you moved into a larger property.

The Internet has also radically changed our search in finding the perfect house. These days you can easily find all properties for sale online, select your dream house and make an appointment with the selling real estate agent. There’s a catch, however.

The main goal, for this real estate agent selling the property, is to achieve the highest possible price for his selling client under the most favourable conditions. ..which can leave you with an overpriced dream house.

Add a language barrier, lack of knowledge of local legislation and many other aspects you have to take into consideration when buying a property abroad, and you decide to give up even before starting the search for your dream home.
That’s why you need good professional assistance. Someone who looks after you, to make your property search a very enjoyable journey. That someone… is us, Royal Estates.

How we can help

Royal Estates would love to help you find your dream property where you can spend the rest of your days in comfort, peace and prosperity.

Transparent, efficient & enjoyable

As an experienced & independent purchasing real estate agent, Royal Estates ensures the search for your dream home is transparent, efficient and enjoyable. Our concept is very clear: we put you first! Our personal approach ensures an excellent service and 100% support from start to finish – free of charge.

That’s right. We will work exclusively for you to find your dream property in Ibiza and it won’t cost you anything. When we found the house you love, we will get a share of the selling agent’s commission; a fee you also pay without our involvement.

Team of experts available

Operating from our Ibiza office, our team of specialized agents are dedicated into helping you find your (second) home on this beautiful island or. Moreover, we work closely together with a selection of lawyers, accountants and architects to ensure no question remains unanswered, and no wishes unfulfilled so as to find your dream home in Ibiza.

We’ve listed the six steps into finding your dream home together with Royal Estates.

Six steps to finding your dream home

1. Extensive Interview

During an extensive interview, we will collect your wishes and needs for your dream property. Do you prefer a luxury holiday villa up close to the beach, a traditional finca in the campo as your second home, or an apartment for permanent residency in town? Other search criteria include budget, personal taste, style & lifestyle, location and number of bedrooms.

2. Market Scan

After compiling a comprehensive list of your needs and requirements, we will perform a market scan based on these criteria using the latest software technologies to screen all (off-line) and online portals, real estate websites, auction sites, bank repossessions, and local contacts.

3. Shortlist & Proposal

Following the market scan, a shortlist of 20 properties will be created with all the properties that fit the search criteria. You as our client, will be able to review this shortlist online and add your remarks. We will also discuss the list in a phone call or by email to arrive at 5-10 properties that meet your demands. You will be invited to come to Ibiza to view the properties.

4. Property Visits

Prior to your visit, we will efficiently plan the viewings of the selected properties and prepare the necessary paperwork. Upon your arrival, we can pick you up from the airport, provide you with a drink – with or without bubbles, and drive you to the properties in style in an exclusive Mercedes Vito van. At the end of the day, there will be a short recap on the different properties. Our team of lawyers, architects and financial experts are on stand-by to answer any questions to be able to take the next steps.

5. Negotiation Assistance

If you are interested in a particular property, we will assist you during the negotiation process. Our lawyers will check the legal documents to make sure there are no hidden surprises. Once your bid has been accepted, we will guide you up until you have the keys in your hands. If you did not find the right property the first time*, we will re-initiate the process with a second property selection and visit. Remember, we are here for you, so take as much time as you need.

6. Exquisite After-Care

But it doesn’t end here. Royal Estates continues to be at your service. For instance, we can assist you with interior designers, a fully furnished house, cleaning or security staff, car and boat rentals, child care as well as a private chauffeur, private chef or private jet. Read more about our services.


* In our experience a client requires 1-2 visits before starting the negotiation process.

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